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Your One-Stop Platform for Blockchain and Quantum Computing

SIR Forum is your one-stop resource and service center to provide the entire eco-systems for blockchain and quantum computing industries. It does not matter if you are a scientist, an engineer, an entrepreneur, or an investor, you will always find the missing nodes here to facilitate your success during the Sixth Industrial Revolution

The Insiders @SIR Forum 

SIR Forum has several focused groups with each using difference language. Members of SIR's focused groups are joined by invitation only. SIR membership is company / orgnization based and the members' representatives consist of researchers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors with focus on blockchain and quantum computing industries. Members share freely recently technologies, inventions, product news, hiring, and global investment activities in blockchain and quantum computing industries. 

For inquiry on SIR membership, please e-mail to

The Round Tables @SIR Forum 

SIR Forum currently holds four quarterly conferences and meetings each year. And the frequency is expected to increase soon. The quarterly meetings are open to all registered SIR members. External VIPs are also invited and they are ranging from top notch scientists, industrial experts, seasoned venture capitalists to government regulators associated to enabling commercialization of blockchain and quantum computing technologies. In addition, SIR also holds various types of blockchain and quantum computing seminars at different locations worldwide.

For inquiry on SIR conferences, please e-mail to

The Trade Shows @SIR Forum 

As part of its integrated services, the SIR Forum plans to organize and host the tri-annual SIR Expo dedicated to provide trade shows and exhibitions to public to promote technologies, products and commercialization of blockchain and quantum computing industries. It is planned be held once every year each in North America, Asia and Europe.

For inquiry on SIR expo, please e-mail to

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