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SIR Forum News


The Sixth Industrial Revolution and Quantum Age, Press Release

April 3, 2018 - Los Angeles - “In the history of mankind, we have experienced four disruptive leaps in the industrial revolution - from steam engine technologies, electrification technologies, computer technologies to the Internet and information technologies,” said Mei Yuan, rotating chairman of the SIR Forum, “when the world is busy for and enjoys dividends brought by the fifth industrial revolution signatured by artificial intelligence and robotics, the sixth industrial revolution has come quietly - the blockchain and quantum computing technologies. Suddenly, the spring breeze came and the trees blossomed. You see or No, she came. "  For more detials on the press release, please browse below link.

SIR Forum Council Meeting in Shanghai

Eleven members met in Shanghai on March 16, 2018 at the quarterly council meeting. Blockchain and quantum computing industrial updates have been presented. The meeting has also decided to add SIR regional offices in Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, in addition to its headquarters office in Los Angeles.


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