News Rooms


SIR Forum News

Newsroom No.1 publishes SIR Forum's press release, quarterly meetings, member activities, and SIR bulletins.  Please click above link or the left button for detailed news.


Quantum Computing & Blockchain News

Newsroom No.2 publishes technological, industrial and investing news on blockchain and quantum computing and their eco-systems. Please click above link for detailed news.


Trade Shows & Conferences

Newsroom No.3 reports trade shows, conferences and seminars worldwide on blockchain and quantum computing industries. Please click above link for detailed news.


SIR's Who's Who

Newsroom No.4 publishes biographical information on the prominent people who have made significant contributions to quantum computing and blockchain industries from their ecosystems.  Please click above linkfor detailed news.


SIR's Top 10 Companies in Blockchain and Quantum Computing

Newsroom No.4 publishes Top 10 players in Quantum Computing industry and Top 10 players in Blockchain industry, ranked by SIR Forum in quarterly basis. Please click above link for detailed news.

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