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About ISR Forum

SIR Stands for the Sixth Industrial Revolution Powered by Blockchain and Quantum Computing Technologies

Founded in Los Angeles on February, 2018, SIR Forum is a global non-profit organization dedicated putting synergy to enable and lead the Sixth Industrial Revolution enabled by blockchain and quantum computing technologies. Members of SIR Forum are scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors in the blockchain and quantum computing industries from around the world.


Our vision is to enable and lead the Sixth Industrial Revolution

Our mission is to share, guide and lead blockchain and quantum computing industries from research, invest, design, develop to productization.

The Sixth Industrial Revolution and Quantum Age, Press Release

April 3, 2018 – The Council of the SIR Forum held in Shanghai recently proposed for first time the Sixth Industrial Revolution (SIR) based on blockchain and quantum computing technologies. Participants included scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists from the blockchain and quantum computing technologies industries.

“In the history of mankind, we have experienced four disruptive leaps in the industrial revolution: steam engines, electricity, computer technology, and Internet and information technologies,” said Mei Yuan, rotating chairman of the SIR Forum. “When the world is engaged in the fifth industrial revolution of artificial intelligence and robotics, the sixth industrial revolution has come quietly – the blockchain and quantum computing technologies.”

With the globalization of technology, industry globalization, commodity globalization, consumer globalization, and information globalization, the market is increasingly relying on global information security and credit security. Blockchain emerged as the times have required. Its underlying technologies and applications based on powerful cryptographic algorithms have sprung up in various commercial fields and government agencies ranging from soybean cultivation to digital payments.

The blockchain encryption algorithm that looks like it can’t be cracked under the computing power of today’s classic computer can be easily cracked under the computational power of quantum computer. For example, a quantum computer with 50 Qubit can surpass the most advanced supercomputer in the world today. For the ECC-256 bit-based key generation in the blockchain based on the asymmetrical elliptic curve encryption algorithm, it takes about 60 years to use the most advanced supercomputer in the world today to solve it (Moore’s Law has already been considered). Scientists predict that with a 2000 Qubit quantum computer and Shor’s algorithm, it is estimated that it takes less than 10 minutes to crack a blockchain.

Of course, in addition to being able to crack advanced encryptions at high speeds, the supercomputing power of quantum computers will bring a leap forward of all big data and massive calculations and simulations based applications such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, smart financial services, high-risk surgery, new drug clinics, new materials, earthquake and tsunami predictions, and aerospace explorations. Accelerating the commercialization of the Sixth Industrial Revolution will bring more and better high-tech benefits and dividends to the world. In addition, the quantum cryptography based on the concept of quantum entanglement and quantum collapse defines from the theoretical level that it cannot be cracked.

When the blockchain’s asymmetric ellipse encryption algorithm was upgraded to ECC-512 bits, the above-mentioned 2,000-cupid quantum computer would take several decades to break, losing its practical significance.

“Blockchain and quantum computing themselves are like a pair of particles in quantum entanglement: interdependence, mutual containment, and fusion,” Mei Yuan said. “If you regard blockchain technology and quantum computing technology as a pair of entangled quantums in the microcosm, then it is this quantum pair that is triggering the human dimension of nuclear fusion of the Six Industrial Revolutions, and it will release infinite energy to push humankind into the quantum age.”

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